Underwater Rugby

Basics of Underwater rugby

In a game, it is allowed to have 12 players in each team, 6 of which are in the pool. The aim of the game is to get the ball to the opponents basket in the bottom of the pool. The ball is filled with salt water, so it sinks.

Normally, the players are divided into two attackers, 2 defenders and 2 goalkeepers. The target is that the other one from the pair is in the bottom playing, and the other one waiting on surface ready to dive in. Goalie lies on top of the basket to protect it from the opponents. Defender lies in front of the basket, trying to prevent opponents to push the goalie from below.

It is allowed to take contact to the player with the ball, and the player with the ball can take contact to opponent. If you throw away the ball, the opponent must release you. Wrestiling-kind of contact is allowed, but no hitting, scratching or pulling from the gear is allowed. Also, it is not allowed to throw the ball above the surface.

The gear consists of a swimming suit (dark or white), snorkel, mask and fins. During a game, you make short dives. Between the dives, it is possible to follow the game in the bottom with the help of the snorkel.

Capital area UWR weekly trainings

To ease up picking suitable trainings, they can be divided into three categories:

  1. Easy trainings, also suitable for beginners
  2. Suitable for all
  3. Suitable for experienced players
(2) Monday Hydromania Myyrmäki Get in by 20.00! Pool 20.30-21.30

Access fee 6€

(1) Tuesday Najadit Leppävaara Pool 20.40-21.45
(3) Tuesday US Pirkkola Pool 21.00-22.00
(2) Thursday Kupla Leppävaara Pool 20.40-22.00
(2) Thursday Hydromania Myyrmäki Get in by 20.00! Pool 20.30-21.30

Access fee 6€

(2) Friday EUS Leppävaara Pool 20.40-22.00
(2,5) Sunday US Pirkkola Pool 21.00-22.30


  • Mask
    • Many small volume masks with two lenses are suitable. Commonly, the rubber strap is changed to a fabric one to have it more reliably on place. If possible, test the mask before buying, it is important that it is as water tight as possible, and not all masks fit all faces.
    • Cressi Superocchio, Aqualung sphera
    • These masks can have also optical lenses (recommended compared to contact lenses if you have -2 or more. The water corrects small errors): Dive rite 125 (sammakkomies), Cressi Focus, Beuchat Micromax (polarsafety)
  • Snorkel
    • Commonly, the snorkel is cut to shorter, so that the air can go through it faster. A long snorkel can also be clumsy. Some players also wear teeth protection, but it is not mandatory, as big snorkels also protects the teeth. There is no need to have the empty valve in the snorkel.
    • Using a snorkel properly is one of the first things to learn when starting UWR. Short heavy breath out is enough to empty the snorkel from water. It takes some time to get used to it, but it is definitely worth it.
    • For example Beuchat Tubair
  • Fins

We organize introductions to Under water rugby about two times a year. If you got interested, ask the Kupla Underwater rugby manager:

Tommi Lintilä

050 3642 422

tommi.lintila [at] gmail.com