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Not quite sure if you want to be a member yet? Send us an email at hallitus (ät) to learn more about the club, underwater rugby and diving in Finland.

This application is sent to the board of Kupla. After being accepted and paying the membership fee you are a part of Kupla!

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Give dates in the format YYYY-MM-DD eg. 2021-08-21
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Association official rules here


Using work or school emails is not recommended as these expire and change eventually as life goes on.

Email is the main communication channel in Kupla. Official association stuff such as membership or other fees and association meeting invites are sent by email.

Membership classes

  • Student member (Varsinainen jäsen) 33€
    • You study in Aalto University and are a member of Aalto University student union (AYY)
  • Graduated member (Vanha jäsen) 50€
    • You have been a student of Aalto University and a member of AYY or their predecessors Helsinki University of Technology (TKK) and The Student Union of Helsinki University of Technology (TKY)
  • External member (Ulkojäsen) 50€
    • You are interested in the club but have never been a member of AYY or TKY

Membership fee

The membership fee is for one calendar year at a time. Check the prices from the membership classes section.
Everyone is welcome to learn more about the club before applying for membership and being subject to the fee. Shoot an email to hallitus (ät) with any questions or maybe a visit to one of the club’s activities.
Joining late into the year may allow you to be exempt from the membership fee for that year. Check with the board for details.

Kupla tutor

There’s a lot to learn for a new member in Kupla. A lot of the information is unfortunately only in Finnish too.
Check the box and we will try to get you your very own tutor to teach you all about the club


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