Scuba diving is the primary form of diving practiced in Kupla. In Finland and other Nordic countries scuba diving requires some special knowledge to ensure safety. Consequently, safety is very important in all Kupla-activities. Kupla’s diving activities can be divided into two sections: divecamps and one-time-dives.

During the Summer Kupla organizes several over-weekend divecamps per month in locations all over Finland. Longer camps are organized a few times per year. The high-light of the Kupla diving season is the Utö-camp, which is two weeks long and held on a most beautiful island way off the coast of Finland. A couple of times a year Kupla also organizes trips to foreign waters, such as those of  Norway and Estonia.

The more regular dives are at wrecks off the coast of Helsinki or in lakes around the capital area. This type of a gig usually takes up an evening, or half a day at most.

To facilitate diving operations, Kupla owns two boats: Hinkki and Irmeli. In addition, Kupla has 12 scuba diving sets available for members to rent or use during courses.